Paramo clothing reviews

Review of Paramo Men’s Katmai Shirt

Paramo Men’s Katmai Shirt, weight 200g. Made from Parameta A fabric, nice light weight , ideal for summers in England or Trek & Travel. UV protection with a SPF of over 50, so good for those rays. I have got a few of these,  just nice to wear for wind blocks as well, when a chilly wind is bugging you and you do, nt want to wear a fleece. Technical bit now, Like l have said sun protected, quick drying (no ironing, pointless looks the same either way). Velcro at the cuffs to pull up and fasten. Two flap over chest pockets with a hidden zip pocket big enough to fit a lot of documents or money, passport etc. That’s it really nice bit of kit.

Review of Paramo Women’s Alize Windproof Jacket

Paramo Women’s Alize Windproof Jacket, weight 158g, how come the ladies get the better colours, love the Carmine/Hot Coral,  that’s what i would wear. Combined with the Alize fleece makes it a cosy item even in winter.  Athletic fit so,  closer fit you might have to go up a size. Internal stuff pocket on the left hand side, easierly stuffed into a pocket when out walking, then back on when you feel the chill. Roll away hood with the loop at the back with hood adjuster back and front which can acommodate a helmet,  with a nice peak. One way zip, two hand pockets which go straight through with internal pocket but not good for keys etc. Adjuster around the bum area with a scoop tail. Reflecters on the neck on the front and on the sleeves which are elasticated for you to easierly pull up. Ideal for various activities, running, cycling etc. Can make this jacket more water repellent by proofing in Nikwax TX Direct wash-in. Nice windproof nice weight. Recommended.

Review of Paramo Women’s Alta 3 Jacket

Paramo Womens Alta 3 Jacket, weight 702g, versatile,  hard wearing for the more serious outdoor trekking,  hill and mountain. Made from Analogy waterproof, breathable fabric, designed for the wildest places when you need that protection what ever the weather chucks at you. Adjustable hood front and back with a peak for those of us that wear glasses. Two way zip with poppers so you can vent when the jacket is unzipped. Venting on the arms with a mess cover inside, chest pocket ideal for a OS map, with a one and only pocket inside for a phone etc. Draw cords in the hand pockets which pulls the jacket closer that only draws at the sides leaving no wearing on the back from a rucsack,  like the Alta 2 where the draw cord went all the way across the back. Hem of the jacket draw cords to pull round the bum for warmth. Velcro cuffs to open or close down the sleeves. Pump liner in the centre and shoulders for quick drying with your rucsack. Very nice feminine fit for you ladies, which looks nice when on.

Review of Paramo Men’s Alta 3 Jacket

Paramo Men’s Alta 3 Jacket, weight 805g this is a updated version of the Alta 2 and boy did it need it, alot better jacket. Ideal for all sorts of activities like low land walking, hills, and mountains. Hard wearing and designed for the wildest places. What l  like about this jacket is all the pockets are waterproof.  Hand warming pockets, two chest pockets, one with a clip that comes with the jacket to attach your compass and the left side pocket for OS map. Internal pocket big enough for a map and phone. Fully wired hood, adjusters back and front, waist pull cords, they just finish at the sides but good enough to draw the waist in, with draw pulls on the bottom of the jacket to close around the bum to keep the chill from creeping up your back. Two way zip with popers to hold the jacket togeather when the main zip is open. Vent zips on your arms which are mess backed to cool you down. Internal rapid drying pump liner reinforced in the centre of the back and shoulders. Quick fastening cuff that can be pulled up easily to cool off. All draw cords and zips are glove friendly. The Alta 3 jacket is the next step up from the Cascada Jacket with a closer fit.

Review of Paramo Women’s & Men’s Tempro Zip Neck

Paramo Women’s & Men’s Tempro Zip Neck. Using the Parameta T fabric , non-reversible baselayer, nice and comfortable with a soft feel and stretch fabric. Wear this to the skin when out on the hill, light insulation layer but dries quick. Weight men’s 190g, ladies 173g. Colours ladies  Adriatic Marl and  Wine Marl,  l think the Adriatic Marl will be the seller for the ladies. mens  Neon Blue Marl and  Wine Marl, bit of a toss up on these but l think Neon Blue but Wine is good too. Generous 3/4 zip, with it off centre when pulling up round the neck. Easy cuffs with stretch fabric to pull up to cool down. The fit is l would say athletic, so normally l would be medium in this case no large was better, sleeves abit long but can roll up.  Walking, travelling, expeditions. Washing in Nikwax Basewash is ideal for a conditioner and deodorises synthetic base layers. Overall cosy and nice fit.

Review of Paramo Men’s Ostro Fleece

Men’s Ostro Fleece comes in Marl Grey and Neon Blue Marl, l think the Marl Grey will be the popular colour but l could wear the Neon Blue as well looks ok, weight 379g. Full zip jacket with zipped hand pockets with inside pocket for mobile or keys also OS map size storage pouches which are the backs to the hand pockets. The fit is a athletic fit, so me being 40″ chest l, m a medium. The hood is zipped to the side, helps when layering up, it covers your head and face except your eyes, but when down the hood fits nicely down and you can then zip up to keep your neck warm. Helmet compatible, nice length keeps the back covered and warm. Simple cuffs which can be pulled up to cool down. When conbined with the Men, s Ostro Windproof Jacket is a nice combination for light travelling, trekking,  when you do, nt know how the weather is going to be. What do l like about this, is the fit, the hood when closed up is cosy.

Review of Men’s Ostro Windproof Jacket

Just arrived the new Men’s Ostro Windproof Jacket, two colours Citrus/Hi Vis Yellow, that will be Citrus from the hood to the chest including the sleeves , then Hi-Vis Yellow downwards and across the cuffs. Reflectors just by the neck at the front and on the sleeves. The other colour is Black/Dark Grey with a weight of 168g. The jacket does fit into the left  hand pocket with a loop to fasten shut. Athletic fit with a helmet friendly hood which does fit nicely when adjusted even without the helmet, back volume adjuster and front draws at the face with a roll away hood that can be fastened down with a loop and button. Hand pockets which follow through, with pockets but not safe to store keys etc. Covers the bum nicely, ideal for days on the hill that’s windy and odd showers, drying out very quickly. It’s partner in crime is the Ostro fleece which is good as a combo for just getting on with the walking and travelling lite. Nice l like it.

Review of Paramo Award 2017

Just recently received this from Paramo. B. B. C. Countryfile Magazine Awards 2017. Outdoor brand of the Year 2017. What can l say, the public voted with wearing various items from baselayers to fleece to jacket. So must have thought which l agree is the best.

Review of Paramo Men’s Maui Trousers

Paramo Men’s Maui Trousers are my favorite walking and travel trousers, plenty of pockets. Two hand pockets, one back pocket and two leg pockets big enough for a O S map. Made of the Parameta A Cotton plus consisting of a blend of cotton with modern synthectics. Keeps you comfortable, dry quickly and hard wearing. A protection against UV rays (SPF 50+). Easy to wash and l do not iron them, because they generally look the same. Elastication in the waist makes a comfortable fit for the tum tum. Avaiable colours Capers (greenish moss) or Dark Grey. 335g. Nice trousers.

Review of Paramo Men’s & Ladies Cascada 2 Trousers

Morning, will it ever stop raining, horrible weekend for everybody l guess. . . . . Paramo Men’s & Ladies’ cascada 2 trousers, just what you need to keep you dry in this weather. Black and grey for men’s and Black for ladies’. You wear nothing under them except underwear unless your a cold thing. Belt loops a zip for men & ladies, easier to get off. Hand pockets and a zip that runs down from the hip to the bottom of the trousers, ideal for cooling yourself down, with poppers so you do, nt show any leg. Buttons at the bottom of the leg to draw them in closer but if your wearing boots probably no. l would wear gaitors if it was very muddy with these but if it, s pouring down best not might draw too close and flood your boots. Waterpoof and warm. Please use Nikwax tech wash and TX direct to clean and proof, can be washed in a machine 30-40 wash. Enjoy M.

Review of Paramo Men’s & Women’s Cambia Zip Neck

Hello and Good morning to you all, good morning is a over statement, up in the Yorkshire Dales it’s just gearing up to Rain and be very windy from tonight through Sunday 40mph winds. So back to the Cambia Zip for a reasonable warmish day this is ideal. The good part is that it is reversible, one for warmth, one for cool so you can use it in summer for sun protection, just put it on the cool side. Just wear it as a base layer with any Paramo Waterproof or windproof for lightweight quick drying stretchy fabric. 3 colours for ladies and 4 colours for men. Weight is 160g for ladies, 180g for men. Enjoy your day. M.

Review of Paramo Men’s Halkon Jacket

The weather up here in Grassington North Yorkshire, is blustery and wet. The ideal Paramo jacket l would be wearing in this kind of weather is Paramo Men’s Halkon jacket. Waterproof, windproof, just all over storm proof. It has features like the wired hood ideal for people like me with glasses, all adjusting at the side and back to bring the hood nice and close. Bellowed pockets to carry all sorts like dog treats because l have a couple of dogs, binoculars, maps etc. Then there is the lovely side hand pockets that are fleece lined, cosy cosy, ideal when you have forgotten your gloves or waiting to take that perfect picture quickly. My favourite colour Moss. 10/10.