Paramo Waterproof

Analogy® Waterproof by Nikwax®
Páramo Directional Waterproofs are made with the he best of the best. Analogy Waterproof system. The Analogy Waterproof Pump Liner directs liquid water away from your skin whilstprotecting your insulation, keeping you warm and dry. In the same way that seals, otters and bears keep warm in very wet conditions the Analogy Waterproof Pump Liner mimics the action of animal fur and pushes liquid outwards. This is combined with our Windproof outer fabric to keep you warmer and drier. 1 Skin surface. 2 Páramo baselayer is shown here worn next to the skin, drawing water away to keep you dry. 3 Nikwax Analogy® Pump Liner pumps water away from the body. 4 Closely woven microfibre outer provides windproofing and Nikwax® durable water-repellency. Air is trapped between Pump Liner and outer to give insulation. 5 Wind and rain is deflected away from the body while perspiration and condensation as liquid water or water vapour can escape

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