Paramo Men’s Velez Adventure Light Smock



Paramo Men’s Velez Adventure Light provides all the multi-activity features of the original Velez Smock but comes with a FIXED securable hood. Made from Nikwax Waterproof Analogy Light, it provides a lighter alternative to the standard weight version but still gives full Directional waterproof performance. Fully articulated shoulders and elbows for maximum freedom of movement and optimum fit.  Two-way twin reversed zip design with inner, poppered baffles for maximum temperature control.  Cropped front for maximum freedom of movement.  Drop tail for maximum protection with draw-cord.  High collar with central, single-hand adjustment to prevent wind, rain and snow entering the neck area.  Reflective piping (front and back) for maximum visibility.  Easy adjust Velcro cuffs.  Double-layer lining either side of spine and on shoulders, for rucksack use.  Excellent field of vision and protection provided by fixed hood – fully adjustable, wired and roll-away.  Single hand adjustment throughout.  1 large ‘dry’ zipped front pocket for OS maps, snacks, compass, etc.  Inner ‘dry’, zipped pocket for storage and handwarming – fits OS map.  Nikwax Analogy Waterproof Light fabric performance guaranteed.  Women’s Velez Adventure Light Smock has a tailored fit for the female form. 584g. This is a Waterproof, Windproof Smock.

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Adriatic, Black/Dark Grey/Hot Coral, Black/Elderberry, Black/Eucalyptus, Blue, Cobalt/Midnight, Colbalt, Eucalyptus/Outback Red Marl, Indigo Blue Marl, Indigo Blue/Midnight/Steel, Indigo/Midnight, Lentl, Marl Grey/ Gold Zip, Midnight Marl, Midnight/Dark Grey, Midnight/Gold Zip, Midnight/Indigo, Midnight/Indigo Blue, Neon Blue/ Midnight, Outback Red/Steel Marl, Steel, Wine/Outback Red, Adriatic Marl, Adriatic/ Cyan Marl, Adriatic/Cyan, Black, Black/Dark Grey, Black/Dyneema, Black/Gold Zip, Black/Neon Blue Zip, Black/Puffin's Bill, Black/Reef Blue, Black/Rock Grey Zips, Black/Steel, Blue Denim, Brick Red, Broadleaf, Broadleaf Check, Bronze Denim, Brown, Caper, Capers, Capers/Dyneema, Carmine, Carmine Marl/Midnight Zips, Carmine/Hot Coral, Chilli Pepper/Flame, Chilli Pepper/Rock Grey, Citrus/Hi Vis Yellow, Citrus/Hi-vis, Citrus/Rock Grey, Cobalt, Cumin/Steel/Black, Cyan Marl, Cyan/ Rock Grey Zips, Cyan/Adriatic, Cyan/Adriatic/Puffins Bill Zips, Cyan/Hi Vis Yellow/Steel, Cyan/Pumpkin/Rust, Cyan/Pumpkin/Rust. Cumin/Steel/Black. Wime/Eucalyptus/Rust., Dark Grey, Dark Grey Marl, Dark Grey Marl/Sunrise Check, Dark Grey/ Cumin Marl, Dark Grey/Black, Dark Grey/Cumin Zips, Dark Grey/Elderberry Zip, Dark Grey/Fog grey Zips, Dark Grey/Steel lining, Dolphin/Cobalt, Eiderberry/Heather, Elderberry, Elderberry/Foxglove, Elderberry/Pink Clover, Embossed Green, Embossed Moss, Eucalyptus/Pale Mint/Midnight, Fire, Fire/Midnight, Fire/Rock Grey, Flame, Flame/French Blue, Flame/Neon Blue, Flame/Reef Blue, Fog Grey/Wine/Capers Zips, Forest, Fossil, Fossil Marl/Pumpkin Zips, Foxglove, Foxglove/ Pink Clover Marl, French Navy, French Navy/Neon Blue, French Navy/Reef, French Navy/Reef Blue, Gold, Heather, Hi Vis Yellow/Black, Hi-Vis Yellow, Hi-vis Yellow/Steel, Hot Coral, Hot Coral Marl, Hot Coral/Steel/Black, Hot Coral/Wine, Ladies Ventura Trousers, Marl Grey, Marl Grey/Neon Blue, Midnight, Midnight Marl/Gold Zip, Midnight Marl/Wine Marl, Midnight/ Carmine, Midnight/ Puffin,s Bill, Midnight/Dyneema, Midnight/Fire, Midnight/Gold, Midnight/Hot Coral, Midnight/Neon Blue, Midnight/Neon Zips, Midnight/Puffin's Bill, Midnight/Pumpkin, Midnight/Reef Blue, Midnight/Rust Zips, Midnight/Wine Zips, Moss, Moss/Black, Moss/Fog Grey Zips, Navy, Navy/Reef Blue, Neon Blue, Neon Blue Marl, Neon Blue Marl/Hot Coral Zip, Neon Blue/Adriatic, Neon Blue/Flame, Neon Blue/French Navy, Neon Blue/Midnight/Hot Coral Zips, Neon Blue/Reef Blue, Neon Blue/Steel, Neon/Reef, Neon/Reef Blue, Outback Red/Rock Grey Zips, Oxford Blue, Oxford Check, Pale Mint/Adriatic/Hot Coral Zips, Pale Mint/Fog Grey/Adriatic Zips, Pebble, Pink Clover, Pink Clover Marl, Pink Clover/Elderberry, Pink Clover/Foxglove, Puffin Bill/Pumpkin, Puffin's Bill, Puffin's Bill/Pumpkin, Puffins Bill/Pumpkin/Wine, Pumpkin, Pumpkin/Midnight, Pumpkin/Midnight.Neon/Reef.FrenchNavy/Reef., Pumpkin/Puffin,s Bill, Reef Blue, Reef Blue/Midnight, Reef Blue/Neon Blue, Reef Blue/Rock Grey, Reef/Midnight, Rock Grey, Rock Grey/Black, Rock Grey/Neon Blue Zips, Rust, Rust/Midnight, Rust/Wine, Rustic Check, Slate, Steel Marl/Gold Zips, Steel Marl/High-Vis Zips, Sunrise Check/Dark Grey Marl, Wine, Wine Marl, Wine Marl/Midnight Marl, Wine/Eucalyptus/Rust, Wine/Midnight, Woodland Check


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