Paramo Men’s & Ladies Cascada 2 Trousers-Review

Morning, will it ever stop raining, horrible weekend for everybody l guess. . . . . Paramo Men’s & Ladies’ cascada 2 trousers, just what you need to keep you dry in this weather. Black and grey for men’s and Black for ladies’. You wear nothing under them except underwear unless your a cold thing. Belt loops a zip for men & ladies, easier to get off. Hand pockets and a zip that runs down from the hip to the bottom of the trousers, ideal for cooling yourself down, with poppers so you do, nt show any leg. Buttons at the bottom of the leg to draw them in closer but if your wearing boots probably no. l would wear gaitors if it was very muddy with these but if it, s pouring down best not might draw too close and flood your boots. Waterpoof and warm. Please use Nikwax tech wash and TX direct to clean and proof, can be washed in a machine 30-40 wash. Enjoy M.