Paramo Men’s Manu Shorts



Fast wicking, fast-drying, water-resistant and highly
breathable shorts designed for versatility to cover a
wide range of high energy activities including Active
Travel®, camping, trekking, walking, trail running and
cycling. Lightweight stretch for freedom of movement,
with a choice of pockets to carry all you need. Three pockets for travel or activity essentials.
Left hand open topped with drainage mesh. Right hand zipped pocket . Zipped back pocket.  Board style hook and
loop fly with top button Waist band with soft belt for fit and comfort.  Reflective details to enhance visibility in low light.  Smooth, soft and lightweight polyester fabric is easy to wear for long periods, proofed to provide water-repellency and speed up drying,
but breathable for consistant comfort. Weight Womens (192g) . Mens (212g).

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Adriatic, Black/Dark Grey/Hot Coral, Black/Elderberry, Black/Eucalyptus, Blue, Cobalt/Midnight, Colbalt, Eucalyptus/Outback Red Marl, Indigo Blue Marl, Indigo Blue/Midnight/Steel, Indigo/Midnight, Lentl, Marl Grey/ Gold Zip, Midnight Marl, Midnight/Dark Grey, Midnight/Gold Zip, Midnight/Indigo, Midnight/Indigo Blue, Neon Blue/ Midnight, Outback Red/Steel Marl, Steel, Wine/Outback Red, Adriatic Marl, Adriatic/ Cyan Marl, Adriatic/Cyan, Black, Black/Dark Grey, Black/Dyneema, Black/Gold Zip, Black/Neon Blue Zip, Black/Puffin's Bill, Black/Reef Blue, Black/Rock Grey Zips, Black/Steel, Blue Denim, Brick Red, Broadleaf, Broadleaf Check, Bronze Denim, Brown, Caper, Capers, Capers/Dyneema, Carmine, Carmine Marl/Midnight Zips, Carmine/Hot Coral, Chilli Pepper/Flame, Chilli Pepper/Rock Grey, Citrus/Hi Vis Yellow, Citrus/Hi-vis, Citrus/Rock Grey, Cobalt, Cumin/Steel/Black, Cyan Marl, Cyan/ Rock Grey Zips, Cyan/Adriatic, Cyan/Adriatic/Puffins Bill Zips, Cyan/Hi Vis Yellow/Steel, Cyan/Pumpkin/Rust, Cyan/Pumpkin/Rust. Cumin/Steel/Black. Wime/Eucalyptus/Rust., Dark Grey, Dark Grey Marl, Dark Grey Marl/Sunrise Check, Dark Grey/ Cumin Marl, Dark Grey/Black, Dark Grey/Cumin Zips, Dark Grey/Elderberry Zip, Dark Grey/Fog grey Zips, Dark Grey/Steel lining, Dolphin/Cobalt, Eiderberry/Heather, Elderberry, Elderberry/Foxglove, Elderberry/Pink Clover, Embossed Green, Embossed Moss, Eucalyptus/Pale Mint/Midnight, Fire, Fire/Midnight, Fire/Rock Grey, Flame, Flame/French Blue, Flame/Neon Blue, Flame/Reef Blue, Fog Grey/Wine/Capers Zips, Forest, Fossil, Fossil Marl/Pumpkin Zips, Foxglove, Foxglove/ Pink Clover Marl, French Navy, French Navy/Neon Blue, French Navy/Reef, French Navy/Reef Blue, Gold, Heather, Hi Vis Yellow/Black, Hi-Vis Yellow, Hi-vis Yellow/Steel, Hot Coral, Hot Coral Marl, Hot Coral/Steel/Black, Hot Coral/Wine, Ladies Ventura Trousers, Marl Grey, Marl Grey/Neon Blue, Midnight, Midnight Marl/Gold Zip, Midnight Marl/Wine Marl, Midnight/ Carmine, Midnight/ Puffin,s Bill, Midnight/Dyneema, Midnight/Fire, Midnight/Gold, Midnight/Hot Coral, Midnight/Neon Blue, Midnight/Neon Zips, Midnight/Puffin's Bill, Midnight/Pumpkin, Midnight/Reef Blue, Midnight/Rust Zips, Midnight/Wine Zips, Moss, Moss/Black, Moss/Fog Grey Zips, Navy, Navy/Reef Blue, Neon Blue, Neon Blue Marl, Neon Blue Marl/Hot Coral Zip, Neon Blue/Adriatic, Neon Blue/Flame, Neon Blue/French Navy, Neon Blue/Midnight/Hot Coral Zips, Neon Blue/Reef Blue, Neon Blue/Steel, Neon/Reef, Neon/Reef Blue, Outback Red/Rock Grey Zips, Oxford Blue, Oxford Check, Pale Mint/Adriatic/Hot Coral Zips, Pale Mint/Fog Grey/Adriatic Zips, Pebble, Pink Clover, Pink Clover Marl, Pink Clover/Elderberry, Pink Clover/Foxglove, Puffin Bill/Pumpkin, Puffin's Bill, Puffin's Bill/Pumpkin, Puffins Bill/Pumpkin/Wine, Pumpkin, Pumpkin/Midnight, Pumpkin/Midnight.Neon/Reef.FrenchNavy/Reef., Pumpkin/Puffin,s Bill, Reef Blue, Reef Blue/Midnight, Reef Blue/Neon Blue, Reef Blue/Rock Grey, Reef/Midnight, Rock Grey, Rock Grey/Black, Rock Grey/Neon Blue Zips, Rust, Rust/Midnight, Rust/Wine, Rustic Check, Slate, Steel Marl/Gold Zips, Steel Marl/High-Vis Zips, Sunrise Check/Dark Grey Marl, Wine, Wine Marl, Wine Marl/Midnight Marl, Wine/Eucalyptus/Rust, Wine/Midnight, Woodland Check

Waist Size

36R, 40R