Paramo Mountain Gaiters

Sturdy, rugged, durable and exceptionally breathable, the new Paramo Mountain Gaiters are constructed from a combination of Nikwax Stretch Windproof, tough reinforcement fabric and are lined with Nikwax Mesh Pump Liner.

These Paramo gaiters provide the ultimate in protection and comfort on extended mountaineering trips in extreme conditions.

Spot on for mountain and hill activities – get excellent additional leg and foot protection from these Paramo Mountain Gaiters. Whether you’re walking through heavy rain, crossing marshy or muddy ground, splashing across streams, or traversing scree-strewn, heathery or thorny areas, these slim fitting Paramo gaiters can help protect your legs, trousers and boots.

What do we reckon to these gaiters from Paramo? Well, traditional gaiters can be cumbersome and restrictive – sweaty, uncomfortable and prone to damage. Paramo Mountain Gaiters however offer protection and moisture management in a lightweight package. With a excellent slim fit, Paramo’s are durable and renewable.

Paramo have thought about these gaiters

They’re slim-fitting, and with stretchy fabric they provide complete freedom of movement.
The Dyneema® fibre reinforcement used by Paramo provides unrivalled strength-to-weight ratio. This gives you outstanding abrasion resistance and durability for all activities.
The gaiters’ front closure combines Freemagic™ inside for consistent performance. This repels snow and works well in extreme environments, with a poppered ‘storm flap’ over.
You’ll get a snug fit, provided by the gaiters’ elasticated tops, boot clips plus adjustable and replaceable underfoot straps.
These Paramo gaiters offer long-term renewable performance due to the ability of their Analogy fabric to be regularly cleaned, reproofed and repaired.

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